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There's nothing better than igniting your vision while keeping your mental health first. Check our divisions to see which is best for you.



For creators & entrepreneurs. This is the best route in order to scale your vision while keeping your  mental health first. 

This has been the most transformative experience for our clients. Before enrolling, they felt completely lost in what they were meant to do and how to do it. After beginning working with us, not only have they gotten clear, but they've become lifelong clients in everything they desire to accomplish with our love and mentorship. This clarity can happen for you too!

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For creators, entrepreneurs and high profiles. This has taken us so long to create. And now we're here!

Fun fact - when first beginning VIVE™ 13 years ago, our first clients came from celebrities wishing to be better in addiction and trauma matters. We've always wanted to bring this idea forth, but the right way. Now, we're finally in the process of being a DMHAS licensed agency to deliver top-line addiction and trauma therapy for our clients. Get on the waitlist for when we launch!

Launching 2026/2027. Get on the waitlist!



For consultants & clinicians. This institute was created with the feedback of our clients.  

Years ago, clients began asking us when we were going to begin our own certification programs. My automatic reaction was, "That's not our lane." But as I started seeing the education system while excelling in my own studies, I thought to myself, 'maybe it's time we create a new version in our lane."

We're excited to announce we're now in development of our own fully accredited institution, VIVE Institute™, where we'll be offering certification and degree programs for coaches and clinicians who wish to be great in the work they do and in how they serve others.

Launching 2028. Get on the waitlist!



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Want the secret menu?  We do have a secret menu of exclusive services for our clients we don't promote anywhere. But you must be a client to receive access. 

Become a client first. Let's see where the journey goes.

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After years of envisioning this division of the practice, we are finally kicking off our nonprofit VIVE™ Foundation to give back to survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and trauma. 

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