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VIVE™ Lounge Exclusive Community

Entry level creators & entrepreneurs. After witnessing everything we have pandemic and post pandemic, we understand how traumatizing and frightening it can be to make the investments you need to make in order to ignite your vision successfully and see it through. 

The VIVE Lounge™ Exclusive Community is your opportunity to get to know us before making the larger investments. It's time to treat your investments like dating. Hang out for a sec, and see if we even mesh well. When you're ready to upgrade into a higher tier, you get to keep your VIVE Lounge™ access complimentary for keeping the faith.. 

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Intermediate/advanced creators & entrepreneurs. After we completed our latest round for our signature program, I realized how we should create a space allowing longer time to get clear in the vision. This would help the success happen faster. It's hard to create results when you're not clear in the vision and how you want it to succeed. So I brought this mentorship back, and now it's remastered and better than ever!

The Rock the Breakthrough™ Mentorship (formerly known as our Rock the Energy Detox™ Program) is your ultimate breakthrough platform to thrive in your vision without the expensive mistakes. From our Breakthrough System™ to monthly coaching sessions to true exclusive support in real time, this mentorship gives the clarity you desire for the big-time success you're praying for.

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Advanced creators, entrepreneurs and high-profiles. This is the most intimate experience you can possibly have with us in the VIVE™ family. 

VIVE™'s VIP Mentorship is the #1 exclusive service to receive the one-on-one attention you desire while igniting your vision where aid is needed. From individual sessions to coaching notes, recordings video and audio for reference, and all access to all services below this tier as desired, you receive all the high-level goods to ignite your vision while keeping your energy & mental health first. This is the fastest way to scale in your vision and feel the most peace and flow with less stress. 

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Advanced creators & entrepreneurs. This mastermind has been in the works for years. As I was discovering the answers taught in the Rock the Launch™ program, I witnessed the chaos that can occur when scaling to the seven figure mark. I wanted to create a space where you could scale your empire to the 7+ figure mark while not losing the client experience a creator gives in their craft. 

Rock the Vision™ Mastermind is the next level after completing our Rock the Launch™ program where you get to learn, witness, and activate creating a 7+ figure brand while also keeping your energy & mental health priority alongside the client experience you give. It even helps properly set your exit strategy for passing your brand to the next generation to exist after you're gone if you desire. You don't have to create a 7 figure brand with unintentional chaos. It's time to be your best self on your way up - not when you're there. 

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Want the secret menu?  We do have a secret menu of exclusive services for our clients we don't promote anywhere. But you must be a client or mentee to receive access. 

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After years of envisioning this division of the practice, we are finally kicking off our nonprofit VIVE™ Foundation to give back to survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and trauma. 

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