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For creators, entrepreneurs and high-profiles. I first began to discover peace with this route, and so have our clients. There's nothing better than being able to manage your mental health with the help of a professional who understands the pressure of entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed.

This specified service in our practice will aid in getting down to the root of thhe problem when it comes to what stressors you're facing while doing everything you can to succeed in your vision in flow. By the end of this experience, you'll have a more enhanced way of enjoying your energy & mental health while you rise to the top. Pay in full or pay plan accepted. 

Corporate contracts available. 

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For creators, entrepreneurs high-profiles, and patients. Coming from someone who once struggled heavily with my relationship with alcohol, I understand how it feels to think you only have one toxic way to release your frustrations for a better day. After working on myself first, I'm happy to now offer this for our clients. You don't have to suffer in secret anymore.

This specified service in our practice will begin via telehealth Summer 2023 then expand into in-person sessions as well by 2024. We're delivering to our clients the ability to have deeper aid in areas that matter in how we release our stress. We look forward to serving in this field and taking things to next level in how we serve in addiction recovery. Health insurances will be accepted!

Launching 2026! 



For creators, entrepreneurs, & high profiles. It was always therapy where I found peace in the trauma survived. All the tough topics have been covered in this realm. It helped well enough to live another day.

This specified service will aid in therapeutic resolutions to what is faced in secret within. Specified areas of service will include PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, high functioning depression, trauma, suicide attempt survival and sexual assault survival. Health insurances will be accepted.

Launching 2026. 



For creators, entrepreneurs, & high profiles. This option is best fit for those who wish to have a deeper psychological approach. When I struggled with suicide attempts from abuse survival, it was this realm that helped me not end my life when I needed it most. I saw there was hope.

This specified service will aid in psychological solutions to what is faced in secret within. Specified areas of service will include PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety depression, high functioning depression., trauma, sexual assault survival., intense abuse survival. suicide attempt survival, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder. Health insurances will be accepted.

Launching 2038. 



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After years of envisioning this division of the practice, we are finally kicking off our nonprofit VIVE™ Foundation to give back to survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and trauma. 

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