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Hey, I’m Nastasya Rose. Get to know me and the journey I've been on the past 20+ years to create a better world for our creators & leaders.

The vision for VIVE™ started after the trauma I faced in my own life from ages four to 14. I had no idea why I was attracting so much drama in my life, and I wanted it to stop. At 14 years old, my mother was diagnosed with mental illness. Then, I had the biggest relief and moment of clarity. It all made sense. I was attracting mess from what I was facing at home. I knew right then if there was a service to help me live my purpose regardless of my trauma, and even more, if my mother had the proper support she needed to still succeed as a lawyer and pastor while not neglecting her condition, that would be amazing. That's when I began creating VIVE™, a Vision to Inspire the best Version of Enlightenment, a private practice for creators where we can learn to have peace while running a profitable vision. I wanted us, as creators, to live a life of freedom where our past doesn't have to define us. We can be freed from the ignorance and misinformation we've been given. I knew we could break what no longer serves us to create a better path for us and for generations to come. And now, with VIVE™, we do.


VIVE™ exists for creators and leaders who wish to shake the Earth. We're here to rid the energy un-serving to make space for energy that does. We're here to be the best while caring for our energy and mental health. We're meant to do things different. We always will.

As a trauma survivor myself, and after teachings and mentorship given and received as a creator, sometimes the duo power of coaching and clinical can be the biggest secret weapons of a creator's walk for success as they ignite their vision. Thanks to mixing these powerful forces we can now fulfill our purpose with the best support so it all makes sense in how we meet our goals and see our vision succeed.

We provide this in VIVE™ to help ignite the greatest visions with our clients to exist and pass on for generations to come. 


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  •  CHHC and Graduate Business Immersion from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition completed
  •  RKC I from Dragon Door completed
  •  ELI-MP, CPC, and COR.E Performance Specialist from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching completed
  •  Master Reiki Certification from the International Association of Reiki Professionals (all levels) completed
  •  Launch Scale Manager Certification from ACLP (Academy for Certified Launch Professionals) now in submission for completion!
  •  PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification from PMI (Project Management Institute) now pending!
  •  PMI-ACP® (Project Management Institute - Agile Certified Practitioner) Certification from PMI (Project Management Institute) now pending!
  • Minister License from the Legacy Association of Ministers and Pastors (LAMP) now completed!
  • Bachelor of Science in Addiction Counseling with emphasis in chemical dependency and substance abuse from Grand Canyon University  now completed!
  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Trauma from Grand Canyon University  now pending!
  • Master Traumatologist Certification from Green Cross Academy of Traumatology University now under consideration! 
  •  LCADC, LPC, CCS & ACS New Jersey state then dual state credentials now pending!
  •  PhD in Clinical Psychology & Psychologist license dual state to come for collegiate study finale
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Get to know me

  •  My son is my absolute entire world. He's my angel.
  •  I'm a hopeful romantic at heart. But I stand for truth in doing the work. I've done two heartbreaking splits from my son's father to end toxic trends I don't believe should exist in love nor in family. I'm strong proof taking a stand in shifting generational trends can create progress if it has the highest intention to keep God in the Center for good results meant to exist. I now walk in my journey to spend time with God and serve Him while He takes the Lead in love, family, and in all.
  •  My first college semester ever was Spring 2008, then life got in the way. I finally graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Addiction Counseling with emphasis on chemical dependency and substance abuse, all while I took the intense journey of improving my own relationship with alcohol after 20 years of abusing the substance.
  •  I'm a powerful SA & DV survivor after surviving multiple assaults since the age of four. I'm a strong advocate for women's bodies being respected, and I'm a strong advocate for that survival being highly respected by others. 
  •  I define my family as a mixture of biological and nonbiological - the ones who choose to grow with me, even outside science. It's time to end the stigma of settling for the love we receive. We can be in alignment if we choose.
  •  After 20+ years I've brought singing back into my walk with Worship - this has been a very liberating part of the journey. After so many asking when I would sing again, the moment's finally here. It's been my release. No more keeping my voice in a prison.
  •  I've learned the hard way to not allow another being to dictate who we are. Any perception a person has can be insecurity projected onto you. We can't allow another's triggers & misalignment of inner work to dictate our future. Be the light even after the disrespect given. It's not about us. It's about the world one day left behind, and the greater good we wish to see grow in it. One day, if they're meant to see the good in you, they will. Until then, be the light.
  •  I believe in the ability to build powerful systems to ignite all the parts of our vision. I can excel in collegiate study, and have a family, and sneak back into singing & lyricist life. It's all in the aligned systems, and the aligned team helping you run those systems, to make it so. 
  •  I have every intention in ensuring VIVE™ is the Apple of consulting and clinical help for creators - I desire for it to be passed down as a true safe space for creators and high-profile leaders forever way after I'm gone. This is my footprint.