Why It's Scary to Live Your Passion as a Career

Jan 07, 2023

Pursuing your passions in life is both thrilling and terrifying. After all, it can be hard to make the transition from a hobby to a full-time career. If you’re passionate about something, but the thought of actually turning it into a job scares the daylights out of you, here are some things to consider that could help you make the leap.

One of the scariest aspects of turning your passion into a career is the worry that doesn't go away when you do – what if I fail? Fear of failure is completely normal, but it's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of success – success looks different for everyone. Instead of focusing on potential failure, focus on taking small steps forward and celebrating every win along the way.

Fear of inadequacy can also be paralyzing when starting a new venture. It's normal to feel like you're not experienced or qualified enough, or like somebody else can do it better than you. But keep in mind that no one starts at level 10 – we all start somewhere closer to level 0! The best thing we can do is give whatever we have and strive for continual improvement in our craft and ourselves each day.

Time management can be another source of anxiety when launching something new – juggling family commitments and other jobs (if needed) with chasing your dream projects can be overwhelming at times, but having realistic goals and expectations about what needs doing will ensure that your workload doesn’t get too overwhelming too quickly. Plus, time management strategies exist for just about any type of schedule - so use them to your advantage!

Finally, don’t let fear control what you do with your passions! Living your passions as a career requires risk-taking and courage - two traits that must be cultivated over time - but they're worth it because they open up new possibilities for growth in both yourself and your chosen field. So take deep breaths, come up with an action plan, and don't forget to celebrate each milestone along the way! Good luck!

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