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For creators, entrepreneurs, & high profiles. Sometimes, all we need is one powerful day. We like to offer this to those whom have come a long way in their journey and they simply need one remarkable day to truly map out how their next 6 months to a year can look like for them if they just believe. 

VIVE VIP™ Day  is the ability to get together with us virtual or in-person for a full day where we discuss your vision and the best ways to see it thrive moving forward. We gather together for the full day where we work on your vision for 4-6 hours finalizing a strong plan for its success, and then a celebration afterward at a gorgeous restaurant to celebrate the one whose mental health matters most in igniting the vision - you.

Corporate contracts available. 

Now enrolling - limited spots available!



For creators, entrepreneurs, & high profiles. Don't see what you're looking for in any of the above? VIP VIVE™ Customization exists to deliver your desired preference. We've served celebrities and high-profile leaders including coaches and high leadership titles with this customization service. Whatever you desire in a customized offering, simply let us know, and we can see if we can create it for you and deliver the best experience for how you wish to be served.

VIVE VIP™ Customization is your chance to connect the deepest with your up-leveled needs our above listed services may not cover. This is where you can sustain the great energy and mental health you've worked so hard to gain after you've already won. 

Corporate contracts available. 

Now enrolling - limited spots available!



After years of envisioning this division of the practice, we are finally kicking off our nonprofit VIVE™ Foundation to give back to survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and trauma. 

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