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the best thing to feel is energetic peace & the best mental health while you ignite your vision. Now, you can.


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It's too easy to stress out as we ignite our vision.
The best thing to do is detox the energy that doesn't serve to make space for what does.
As you detox your energy, you can gain better mental health.
Rock the Detox™ is your platform to help make this happen.
As you detox your energy, you can be in the best mental health to ignite your vision and see the success you want to see.

Rock the Detox™ is where you morph. Your alternative mental health coaching platform for visionaries wanting the most sane mind as they ignite their vision. When you're evolving from patterns you no longer want, you must dig deep within. But you never feel you have a proper safe space to be able to do that. We're judged every day in our craft. But here, that doesn't happen. You can release everything holding you back so as you move forward, nothing does. It's time to live the life you always knew was meant to be yours in the best mental health. Let's create a better future for how we make our vision a reality.

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rock the energy detox™ program

Our signature program built for creative professionals ready to succeed at a consistent 6 figure mark in the best energy. Learn the truth of detoxing what doesn't serve, simplifying your vision for success, and securing the foundation of your brand or business at next level. 

rock the energy detox™ mentorship

This service is for the creative professional ready and wanting to detox what no longer serves so they can make space for what does. Sometimes, we rise without doing the inner work to our fullest potential. This service is built for filling that void. Learn how to detox your energy in your self and your space in the best methods for the ultimate success in your vision, and in your life.

signature mastermind - coming soon

Learn how to embody the best vision you desire to thrive. Receive true attention in both 1:1 and community for the best insight. Be the most clear and relentless you've ever been for the results and impact you know you were born to make. This Mastermind will help you always be the best version of your vision for secure and guaranteed success in the work. Coming soon. 

signature courses - coming soon

The best online courses to help you be confident and authentic in your work and life as a creative professional. Learn how to always be in the best energy as best as possible in how you present yourself in your vision. Releasing by 2023 in our VIVE™ Shop.

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You desire to be the best in what you do with the best client experience included

You desire to have the best relationships and friendships along the way

You desire to have the best love to yourself on your journey for the best mental health

You’re sick of feeling like you're serving from an empty cup

You’ve had enough of no one understanding your passion for a great service and experience

You desire to be in the best mental health while you ignite your vision



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