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We know how much you desire to have the most peace while you run a profitable vision. That's why we created these offerings to help you make this happen. Your energy and mental help should always be priority while you make your footprint known.



When we completed a launch for one our signature services, I realized how many of our potential clients we spoke with lacked the clarity in their vision at a deeper level than I anticipated. It can be too scary making a high-level investment when you have absolutely no clarity in what you're running after at all in what your vision is, and how you want it to succeed. So I brought this membership back!

The Rock the Breakthrough™ Membership is your ultimate breakthrough platform to breakthrough into the money and impact you want to make in the world. From monthly coaching sessions, coaching modules, and workshops workshops to true community support of 2,000 members and growing, this membership helps you get the clarity you desire before moving up to the big-time moves you want to be ready for.



This experience was inspired from the pandemic we still unfortunately live in. When the pandemic began March 2020, I had a meeting with my team, and every team member was terrified. Not one team member had a clue how they were going to get by. As a business that started in the previous recession, I was not going to fall in this pandemic after near a decade running. I wanted to win, and I wanted my team winning with me. I made the craziest investments and traveled across the country and out the country to find the answers to create consistent six figures brands while keeping energy and mental health a priority - then I brought those answers home, and into this experience. 

Rock the Energy Detox™ is our ultimate award-winning four month program where we teach our signature Energy Detox Method™ to help creators build, sustain, and scale successful six to multi-six figure brands while keeping their energy and mental health a priority. This program helps our clients rid the energy that doesn't serve to make space for the energy that does while scaling their visions to true success.



This mastermind has been in the works for years. As I was discovering the answers taught in the Rock the Energy Detox™ program, I witnessed the chaos that can occur when scaling to the seven figure mark. I knew I wanted to create a mastermind where you could learn how to scale to the seven figure mark while not losing the client experience a creator gives in their craft. 

Rock the Vision™ Mastermind is a continuum intensive after completing our Rock the Energy Detox™ program where you get to learn, witness, and activate creating a 7+ figure brand while also keeping your energy & mental health priority alongside the client experience you give. It even helps you properly set your exit strategy for passing your brand to the next generation to exist after you're gone as you desire. You don't have to create a 7 figure brand with unintentional chaos along the way. It's time to be your best self on your way up - not when you're there. 



Don't see what you're looking for in any of the above? VIP VIVE™ Customization exists to deliver your desired preference. We've served celebrities, C-Suite Executives, high-profile leaders and coaches, organizations, corporations, school districts, and treatment centers with this customization service. Whatever you desire in a customized offering, simply let us know, and we can see if we can create it for you and deliver the best experience for how you wish to be served.

VIP VIVE™ Customization is your chance to connect the deepest with your up-leveled needs our above listed services may not cover. This is where you can sustain the great energy and mental health you've worked so hard to gain after you've already won.