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we know how it feels to not be understood. Get clear in your vision and finally be understood in our community.


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We want you in the best joy as you learn what it's like to build your vision.
Why not be in a community where you can see what's possible?
From monthly workshops to powerful insight, we've got you covered.
Have the space you want to create.
Learn the truth in what's possible for you to ignite your vision.

VIVE Lounge™ is your home to practice the energy you want to be and attract. The ultimate community and culture where you can create. Foundation is everything. We skip this thinking we can worry about it later. But it only sets us back resulting in scenarios we never cared to be in. Lack in funds, lack in revenue, lack in clarity; the list goes on. You don't have to go through that because your purpose lives within you. Discover it, or confirm it, here. Complete setting the foundation in your vision to keep you strong as you ignite in your craft. Have the best culture to help you complete the one phase we all overlook. Our paid membership relaunches in 2022. Until then, you can join our private community for free!

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From Spark your Vision to Monthly Recap, we have the best workshops to help you stay aligned every month. Our Supporting Coaches come in and keep you inspired to make your vision a reality.


It can be hard for us to find the right space to create. However, it's in building the foundation that keeps our vision strong. Doing the un-sexy work is everything! Learn how to do the foundation work here for your vision to succeed, but still have fun. Create with ease.


Sometimes, we can work on our vision thinking we have to settle for what we desire to create in our culture. That doesn't have to be true. Learn how to create the culture you desire when you communicate effectively. Learn what's possible when you believe in the best culture who believes in you.

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You desire to have the best space to create the foundation in your vision

You want to get confident in what you're creating

You crave to see what's possible when you believe

You want the safe space to work on what's holding you back

You’re ready to create at your highest potential

You want to thrive in a culture that believes in you and your vision

Join one of the best communities that can change your life to finally get your vision started. You're meant to be clear for a successful 2022.



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