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the perfect safe space to get clarity in your vision and practice your leadership while you ignite it with intentional breakthroughs. no more dreaming. time to make your brand or business a successful reality in a healthy way.

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we want you in the best joy as you learn what it's like to build your vision.
why not be in a community where you can see what's possible?
from monthly sessions to powerful insight, we've got you covered.
have the space you've always wanted where you will receive the support that you need in order to create.
the life you want to live is meant for you.

imagine if...

it's time, my love
  • you finally stayed consistent in how you're developing your personal and professional life, knowing what you're meant to do.
  • you finally had the right support to hit all intentional breakthroughs in both personal and professional aspects of your life so your vision could finally succeed in your brand or business.
  • you felt excited and relentless all at once because you know you're coming farther than you ever have before in your goals!
  • you finally felt supported in your mission because you're connected with other powerful creators & entrepreneurs on-the-rise doing the same or similar moves as you.
  • you finally felt the most confident in your life and your business or brand vision because you know you're on the right track to being successful enough to pass down your vision to generations to come.

The Rock the Breakthrough™ Membership is your home to practice what it takes to bring your vision to life in the best support. It's the ultimate community and culture where you can create. Foundation is everything. We can't skip this. It only sets us back later- lack in funds, lack in revenue, lack in clarity; the list goes on. You don't have to go through that anymore. 

There's a way to do the aligned work so that you can thrive. Complete setting the foundation in your vision, so you can succeed in your craft. Have the best culture to help you complete this once and for all.

You're meant to make it, and feel fulfilled while you do what you love- let's go!

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at the membership features...


welcome onboarding

we make sure to welcome you with open arms and ensure you're completely set for the road ahead over the next year. we guide you in membership etiquette, give you all your welcome materials, and make sure you're all settled in and ready to go. we don't play with this! ensuring you're set up from the beginning is everything for your success.


alignment forms

the #1 thing that used to annoy me all the time was when I entered a service that wasn't customized, or a service that thought they knew what was best for me without knowing my brand is different. in this membership, the first thing you'll do as a member is to complete an alignment form- this will guarantee that the journey you're about to embark on with us is customized to your needs and goals. we don't play around here. you're meant to be different, and we support that.


private member portal

everything you need for success in your membership is stored in one place! your very own private member portal to conveniently keep everything in one location with a simple login. the best part? you receive automatic access to your member portal once membership coaching begins on May 17th!


monthly breakthrough sessions

our breakthrough sessions are seriously the key for your everyday success in clarity in your vision. until you get clarity in the vision, it'll feel impossible to move forward in your craft and what you're meant to do. our breakthrough sessions help you with all the clarity work so you can finally move forward with your vision on a successful level.


hot seat coaching

because we believe that you should always be able to be seen, felt, and heard, you will have the opportunity to submit your hot seat coaching request for our monthly breakthrough sessions for even deeper clarity in your work!


monthly power hour sessions

these power hour sessions are life- they're designed to give you what you need to practice the best leadership in your efforts to make your vision real! you want to practice how you use your leadership skills with the best insight in here so the world's not eating you up out there! no more procrastination- finally get the vision done with your leadership skills to help make it happen.


membership action workbook

on top of the work you do with us in our breakthrough and power hour sessions, you will also have your action workbook to help confirm you're in alignment with making your vision a reality. this is so important to help you keep everything organized! you will have your own undated workbook that equips you for receiving a full year of accountability support to help see your brand or business vision succeed, while keeping your energy and mental health first. 


quarterly workshops

every quarter we bring in a top notch expert to help you out in an area that we know you're meant to thrive in for the best success! from public speaking to storytelling to photo & video presentation, the list goes on! you're meant to have this level of all-inclusive support so that your brand makes it on the full spectrum.


annual panels

once a year we bring in our entire exclusive vive™ team to do a panel where you can ask all questions personal or professional - there are no limits! this way, you can see what lies ahead and you're ready for the journey to come in making your vision real. This is the most exclusive top-secret feature we don't offer anywhere else.


coaching calendar

no worries on trying to remember all the dates of all the sessions and important events. get your very own coaching calendar that you can download directly into your laptop or phone! convenience is our style- just keep on top of checking the calendar so you don't miss out on anything!


coach support hours

what do you do with yourself outside of our monthly sessions and features? don't worry- we've got you covered! our coach support hours helps you always feel supported in-between sessions so that you never miss a beat.


community engagement

from the experienced entrepreneur to the 9-5 transitioner, you get to connect with them all! our community is so insightful, and in this membership you'll get to benefit from that experience for yourself. our community engagement feature gives the safe space for our members to connect with each other where they can learn from one another in all the ways. connect with other like-minded power forces and gain exclusive insight while you're on the move for positive change. 



yes- you're reading that right! your investment covers a whole whopping 365 days of support! commit to a full year when it comes to your vision and see the impact you can make in yourself, and in others. we're with you for the long haul in this one because you're meant to make it!



heck yes! when you pay in full for our signature membership you will  receive a true vision audit! you have the opportunity to bring us your brand or the business vision you're working on, and we deliver back a video walkthrough auditing your vision, giving you the best pointers to see it succeed within your first year with us while keeping your energy and mental health first! this pay-in-full incentive is only here for a limited time... if this is the kind of guidance that you know you've needed, don't let this offer slip away!



the current price point won't exist forever as we enhance this membership! but, no matter how much more value we continue to bring to the table, you'll forever be able to receive this price for life upon renewal! this is your opportunity to be grandfathered in. 

case studies

Working with Nastasya helped me revitalize my energy, listen to my own voice, and change negative relationships. I realized that I was a leader and capable of achieving the life I want with my family and my business. So grateful for the group sessions and Nastasya's constant support when I needed it!!

erin s. new jersey, usa

I believe I can succeed in my vision for my energy crystal healing business and more for my family thanks to the work I've done with Nastasya Rose. This is everything to me after what I've survived.

latisha m. north carolina, usa

Deciding to work with Nastasya Rose was an absolute must for me. I'm so grateful for the gifts I uncovered and am so ready to utilize the potential in the next phases of my life and my business. I strengthened and refined my confidence, regained my voice and best of all - every day I am more intentional about living- not just existing. Living and thriving in the moment with my face towards the future - is the ultimate benefit for me.

monica w. new jersey, usa

After 2 suicide attempts 10 years ago, God kept me for a reason. While working with Nastasya Rose I had to open up those wounds again and re-learn how to be strong and be confident for myself and others. I stand firm and confident I have detoxed what didn’t serve me in my life so I can make room for what serves him my Heavenly Father!!! I know my god given purpose, no more shame or condemnation. Working with her gave me hope and a clear perspective on what I should do with my testimony.

cristina t. illinois, usa

Working with Nastasya Rose was great because it really guides me to operate as my higher self and challenges my thinking in how I am building my brand. I remember feeling as if I wasn’t on track because things began to shift with my life and that impacted the flow of how I desired to build my brand. Nas helped me to see that I was never off pace and It’s okay to evolve and welcome the shifts that take place. I will forever be grateful for her mentorship and look forward to working together in the future to further ignite the vision for my brand!

kabriana h. mississippi, usa

Nastasya Rose and her team at VIVE have created an extraordinary service from the inside out. Look forward to connecting with them!

marilyn r. new jersey, usa

Working with Nastasya Rose was awesome. So productive, & natural. She has such a professional, yet genuine & kind demeanor. It makes it easy to talk to her. Before the work, I had some ideas but not a lot of clarity. By the end of working with her, I had a clear vision, & I felt motivated & inspired. Thank you so much!!

katie r. new jersey, usa

I am firm believer everything happens for a reason. When I started my business I just had a small idea of what I wanted to do. Even though I had no clue what I was doing I just started expressing myself through art. I knew deep down that I have a message And story I wanted to share with the world. Nas pop up on my Instagram feed and something called out to me. She made a post about mental health and I reached out for guidance. Let me remind you I didn’t think she would reply because she had so many followers. But that single message of just reaching out changed my life forever. I gained a new family, an understanding of business and decluttered my mind. My picture of my business grew to a vision that I would have never had if I hadn't worked with her.

leslye r. florida, usa
who this is for

this membership is perfect for you if...

you desire to have the best space to create the foundation in your vision

you want to get confident in what you're creating

you crave to see what's possible when you believe in yourself

you want the safe space to work on what's holding you back

you’re ready to create at your highest potential

you want to thrive in a culture that believes in you and your vision

you're ready to join THE best membership to change your life and finally get your vision happening in ALIGNMENT. you're meant to have your breakthroughs for a successful 2022.



Annual payment in full - $1997 (over $800 saved!)

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4 payment plan - $555/month paid over 4 months

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6 payment plan - $444/month paid over 6 months

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because of our passion to bring in our first 300 members in 2022, we're adding this option for you! take advantage now before it goes away!


what does the enrollment process look like?

once you enroll, you receive access to your membership portal via email where you'll have all the goods for your membership and membership community. we'll guide you in the portal on how to be all set up for your full year's support!

will i be supported in the ways I want to be?

absolutely! currently we don't permit any more than 300 members at a time to be enrolled into the membership. After that everyone else has to go into a waitlist until we open doors again!

what happens if we determine the membership isn't the right fit for me?

as this is a service based business, your investment isn't refundable. However, you're not obligated to renew by any means. if it's not a great fit then we can simply wish you well and you do not need to renew. we strongly recommend, however, you only make this investment if you're serious about scaling your brand or business vision over the next year for the best success with intentional breakthroughs.

why do you not have an application process for this service?

as this membership is freshly relaunched, we're granting you the opportunity to skip the line! we also may keep it this way and only have the application process be for our other services - so enjoy passing go now while you can!

how do i know if this is for me?

if you're an experienced entrepreneur not feeling fulfilled in what you're doing and want to pivot in your brand or business to where you want to be, then this is for you. if you're a 9-5 worker ready to finally transition out the day job and into your own entrepreneurial lifestyle full time while keeping your energy and mental health priority, then this is for you.

what if i want more than just the membership?

there's upgrade services available! Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you decide which of our offers is best for you!

how long is the commitment?

the commitment is for one year. you pay in full or in a 4 month payment plan for one year access.

are there different tiers in the membership?

nope! one entry, either paying in full for the bonus incentive or paying in a 4 month payment plan. you give it all you've got after that investment for one year, we support you the whole way, and you see how far you can go with your consistency and relentless energy! we promise as long as you put in the work, this can work for you in ways you never thought possible. all you need to do is say, "yes. i'm in".

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