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this service is for the creator ready for more. This is for the advanced creator ready to take actionwe're here to bring the 7+ figure mark home for the creator's brand with their mental health and energy in the best peace for generations to come.

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i know what it feels like to not have any money, but have the best vision in the world you know is meant to serve others in a great way. it can be tough to do when you're working with unaligned energy on a daily basis. it also can be tough to do when you're hitting plateaus you can't break out of even after the foundation is set. this is why our mentorship exists.

imagine if...

hit 6 figures in the best flow
  • you were no longer struggling financially as a creative professional, hitting the 6+ figure mark you desire
  • you knew how to operate from the best positive energy and mental health while making your vision real
  • your vision was SO CLEAR because you’re operating from the best place, energetically, and your mental health is optimal
  • you are finally at peace because you have discovered what's been setting you back, and you're taking authentic and aligned action
  • for the first time in your life, you are finally financially free because you know how to hit six figures consistently, and you're making that happen now

Rock the Vision™ Mastermind is your solution. With this mastermind, you really can get to the six figure mark in your business and stay there. No more wondering how to keep generating revenue. No more wondering how to remain profitable. There's a time when your investments can really start paying off. You can create the consistent six figure success you were always meant to see, while in the best energy and mental health flow you've ever been in.

That time is now.

experience benefits


experience benefits
  • preparation materials to prepare you for maximum program success. We provide you with the best onboarding experience to have you ready for what's to come.
  • 1:1 coaching support. This is life. Get coached in the most exclusive, intimate and judgment free space on anything you may be facing in your journey. You'll receive one monthly 90 minute strategy session and one monthly 30 minute accountability session so you can quantum leap in your goals. 
  • exclusive retreat in a mansion! The team will gather to give you the best experience to help you get clear in your strategy and energy all in one.
  • high-end 1:1 master coach concierge support! Get high-end concierge support whenever you feel lost, or want additional support. For the entire duration of the mentorship, you'll receive 24/7 coach concierge access, so you'll never feel like you're going through this experience alone (this service is provided through the Voxer messaging app).
  • technical guidance whenever you need. anytime you need to speak to someone on any technical issues, support is a message away.

the person
the mastermind

I created this mentorship because I wanted to create something extra. to help the struggling creator finally hit their mark.

For near 10 years in my brand i struggled. I was never able to figure it out. I was never able to attract the help or mentorship I needed to create what I wanted to create as the founder of a mental health company. for creators. When was it really enough?

After finally getting blessed with a mentor aligned and present for me in the goals I have for my company, I've been able to hit goals I've never hit the entire existence of this brand. And now, being on the way tot he seven figure mark, I'm here to give that same success blessing to you.

You're meant to hit all the goals you set for yourself. Sometimes, you just need a little more help to hit them. 

I look forward to helping you be recession-proof forever. You're meant to hit that mark.


Let's bring this home. See you inside. 

take a peek
into the mastermind.

phase 1


We make sure you’re all set up and in the right mindset for the greatest success. Learn how to use your Client Portal, & how to navigate the mentorship the entire way so you can achieve a tenfold ROI.

phase 2


In this phase, we schedule a 90 minute session to discuss the strategy we'll be setting. in our four months together. We'll ensure you achieve your set goals while also caring for your energy and mental health in the process. This is when we get clear on how the next four months will do to actually achieve the goals you're signing up to accomplish

phase 3


In this phase, we empower you into the highest action needed to hit next levels in your craft the way you desire. This is so key to seeing the results you want. This is where we guide you through in the aligned action you always wanted to do in your work, but didn't know how to do. You get to break through the plateaus in this phase in the mentorship.

phase 5


We take it further in terms of support than a lot of services out there - we offer 24/7 Master Coach Concierge support in between sessions! Anytime you ever feel doubt, fear, confusion or just need clarity or validation when not in session, you can receive the support you desire in your high-end support provided through Voxer. 

phase 6

final stretch

In our final stretch phase, we gather for a final 90 minute session where we speak on everything we accomplished in our 4 months together, and also gather on what your next steps are for your journey over the next up to 12 months, dependent on what best serves where you are at this point in your walk. As long as you do the work, you can hit milestones in the four months of this mentorship, and have a post plan for up to one year after the mentorship is complete. 


I was at a point in my life where every day, I realized that I was just existing. I felt like I was rolling through the days doing all the things, but getting nothing done. 

monica w. new jersey, usa

My journey with VIVE started with a challenge- Tapping into the tools and guidance given, and receiving the support from the amazing Vive Community, I started finding some definition in my goals. After the second challenge, that definition transformed into clarity and a certainty that allowed me to see what needed to be aligned in my career and my life so I could find the fulfillment and momentum I needed. nascetur ridiculus mus. Praesent fermentum quam neque. Phasellus eu felis ut justo bibendum tempor vel ut nisl. Donec malesuada posuere
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monica w. new jersey, usa

Deciding to enroll into the Rock the Energy Detox Program was an absolute must for me. I'm so grateful for the gifts I uncovered in the challenge rounds and so ready to utilize their potential in the next phases of my life and my business. I strengthened and refined my confidence, regained my voice and best of all- every day I am more intentional about living- not just existing. Living and thriving in the moment with my face towards the future- is the ultimate benefit for me.

monica w. new jersey, usa

case studies

I believe I can succeed in my vision for my energy crystal healing business and more for my family thanks to the work I've done in this program. This is everything to me after what I've survived.

latisha m. georgia, usa

Rock the Detox helped me revitalize my energy, listen to my own voice, and change negative relationships. I realized that I was a leader and capable of achieving the life I want with my family and my business. So grateful for the small group sessions and Nastasya's constant support when I needed it!!

erin s. new jersey, usa

The program will challenge you. You will receive top notch coaching and support along the way.You will surprise yourself at times. Your experience will be individualized and it will be worth it in the end. I highly recommend the program for anyone looking to jumpstart a new beginning and start taking steps towards a happier healthier tomorrow. Good luck on your journey.

nick n. new jersey, usa
who this is for

this experience is
perfect for you if...

you're wanting to release your creative gifts stress-free

you want nothing in your mind holding you back

you want to ensure no one in your space ever gives you the energy you DON’T WANT

you’re ready to put in the work to make your business or brand work 

you're ready to dive deep so you can eliminate what's been getting in your way once and for all

you've either graduated from our signature Rock the Energy Detox™ program or are a six figure earner already wanting consistent flow in both mental health and finances

you're ready to get in this mentorship and live the EXACT life you’re working TOO dang hard to create and consistently hit the six figure financial mark and above.

my love. fun fact? this is the last time this service will be at this price. next round the price rises. get in now. have your craft make a difference while in the best energy and mental health. you're meant to receive the results you want for your inner peace.



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Frequently asked questions

when's the last day I can apply?

you can apply from now until launch in 2023.

How does this benefit me on a professional level?

you get the highest level of clarity for your brand or business, and you learn what's been in your way of making the consistent six figure income you've been striving for. you won't ever have to worry about tough financial times in your business, as long as you put in the work - and by work, I mean fun work. don't worry. we keep it exciting here. ;)

How does this benefit me on a personal level?

you're going to finally enhance your energy and mental health on a level you never have before. as long as you come in with an open mind, finally accepting the fact that what's gotten you here won't get you to where you're going, you can really create some great boundaries, include love in your space, and detox the energy that doesn't serve you. this will allow you to finally achieve the level of sanity you desire while scaling your vision. all our methods are backed by nearly 20 years of psychological and scientific research. we've got you covered, boo boo.

is this the only way I can work with you?

nope! we also have our VIVE Lounge™ membership service relaunched 2022 and our VIP VIVE™ contract customization service. feel free to email [email protected] for more details.

what's the application process look like?

you'll submit your application, and we'll review it to see if we can help you create the results you want. if we believe we can, then our team will reach out to you to book a strategy session where we'll review your vision at a deeper level together. if after that session we believe you're the right fit and we can help create results that'll make you happy in your mission, then we'll invite you into the experience.

Do you have payment plans available?

yes! you can either pay in full for the bonus gift, or accept one of the payment plans we have available. these options will all be presented to you in our strategy session.

What is your refund policy?

As this is a service based business, there are no refunds. We put in just as much work into creating a results based space for you as it took you to step in your bravery to complete your enrollment. Therefore, we simply and kindly request you respect the craft and the possibility of the results it can deliver for you. (#sorrynotsorry for the bluntness in this. However. If you're second guessing your capabilities already, it may be best to just not enroll until you're ready for the change you wish to see. That said, the truth is - sorry to bust your bubble - you'll never 'feel' ready. You get ready as you make the jump, and get off the fence. ;)

any final words to help me make my decision?

sure, love. if you're super passionate about finally hitting the consistent six figure mark in your brand or business so your business is always secure, you want to get in here. be ready to dive deep into seeing what's been holding you back all this time. but, i promise you. it's worth it. what i teach and coach on in here changed my life forever. I believe it can for you, too.

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