A lot of the celebrity clients we work with are so gifted, and only have one thing holding them back - the shame they carry with them from mistakes from their past. Have the workbook filled with the top prompts we ask them to help them rid the shame and move forward in their purpose.

nastasya rose,
creator of the fix shame

When I started working with celebrity clients, I was so excited. I believe creators exist in the world to inspire the rest of us with their visuals to show us what's possible so we can live beyond our wildest dreams and change the future. Nothing made me happier to work with the top celebrity creators to help make this happen. But once I saw the pattern of our clients being in fear of their issues going to press, I knew we had to do something about this to help them so their fears wouldn't hold them back.

The beauty of our Fix Shame Workbook is that it's in the comfort of your own private space when you complete this - the same way we treat our highest end clients. You finally have your secret weapon to work on your issues before they release to the public, so they don't have to. There's nothing wrong with working on your issues behind closed doors. The point is that you work on them, so they never hold you back again.

Here's your chance
the rid
the shame and make a difference

When it comes to igniting your vision, your confidence issues can come from the shame you hold from past mistakes. The Fix Shame Workbook helps psychologically move you through the insecurities held in your shame so you can finally let it go with no worries while you bring your vision to light. This is your chance to break through, fix the shame, and be the creator you were always meant to be.

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Are you ready
to rid the shame
and excel in your purpose?

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This is your chance to stop holding back from the life meat to be yours. Once you get through the shame you hold deep inside, you're golden. The only way out is through. Let's work through your shame together for the best mental health to ignite your vision. 

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