How to Set Boundaries & Put your Energy First

Jan 07, 2023

Being kind to yourself is the first step in setting boundaries and taking better care of your energy and mental health. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup - no matter how hard you try. But learning to set boundaries so that you can be kind to yourself is a skill that takes practice, and the rewards are worth it.

The key to setting boundaries is understanding what “no” means and why it’s important. Saying no doesn’t have to be rude or aggressive - think of it more as protecting yourself from burnout by being honest with what your limits are and sticking to them.

Creating personal space is key in setting boundaries. Whether it’s physical space at home, or emotional distance when interacting with others, making sure you have room to breathe will help protect your mental health. Setting clear expectations for yourself and others helps create space too. Let people know you need time alone, that you don't want them intruding on your thoughts, or that they cannot expect immediate answers when they text or call you - this way everyone knows where your limit lies before they've pushed it too far.

It's also helpful to plan ahead for things like social commitments or work projects so that you're not as likely to overcommit when something spontaneous comes up. Knowing when enough is enough will help prevent burnout and exhaustion down the road - after all, taking care of ourselves now will pay off in the long run!

Ultimately, strive for harmony between your personal and professional realms in life - between saying yes and no; giving back without feeling drained; enjoying life without losing sight of our wellbeing; working hard without staying in a stressed-out state forever; loving deeply yet respecting our own privacy; letting go of the things we can't control while still putting effort into those we can change; listening carefully but still trusting our instincts; finding joy wherever possible yet leaving room for sadness...all these are part of a healthier approach towards self-care while setting healthy boundaries.

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